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Our Online Learning Courses

NEW IN 2017! Our state-of-the-art online course "INTERACTING WITH U.S. CUSTOMERS"

Specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of offshore customer service associates, sales support or customer technical support in other countries who make calls to and interact virtually with customers in the U.S.. 

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We have developed state-of-the-art self-paced online multi-media cross-cultural training courses for companies with global operations or involved in global outsourcing relationships, especially between the U.S.A. and India.

These courses are designed to help managers and teams better understand their global and offshore counterparts. They are an effective and time-saving way to train a dispersed workforce in cross-cultural awareness and effectiveness. 

We host our courses at CMCTLearnOnline with our LMS hosting partner Latitude Learning


 Courses on Working with India 

India Cultural and Business Background
(One 30-minute self-paced online module)

Big-picture background information about the historical, economic, political and cultural context of Indian business today.


India Communication Patterns and Style
(One 30-minute self-paced online module)

Differences between Indian and American communication patterns and strategies to bridge these differences.


Cultural Awareness India: Cultural Background and Communication Skills                  
(Two 30-minute self-paced online modules combined into one master course)

Introduction to India for managers and professionals who require basic knowledge and cross-cultural awareness about India as a foundation for building sound working relationships with their Indian colleagues and business associates. Module 1: India Cultural and Business Background. Module 2: India Communication Patterns and Style.

 Courses on Working with Americans 

U.S.A. Background and Social Values
(One 30-minute self-paced online module)

Background knowledge about American society and culture as a foundation for building sound working relationships with American colleagues and counterparts.


American Business and Workplace Culture
(One 30-minute self-paced online module)

Understanding American business practices and preferred modes of behavior in work-related interactions as a tool for greater business effectiveness.


Communicating with Americans
(One 30-minute self-paced online module)

American communication patterns and strategies for communicating effectively with Americans. 


Working with Americans: Cultural Awareness and Business Skills
(Three 30-minute self-paced online modules combined into one master course)

Comprehensive practical overview of American social and business culture for managers who do business with the U.S. or work with Americans in a business context. Module 1: U.S.A. Background and Social Values. Module 2: American Business and Workplace Culture. Module 3: Communicating with Americans.



How To Purchase Our Online Courses

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Sliding-scale corporate bulk licenses are available on a 12-month basis for user groups of 10 or more, with steep discounts for licenses of 500 users or more.