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Seminars and Workshops - Working Effectively with Americans

Give your team members in India and elsewhere the country-specific cross cultural skills they need to work effectively with their American counterparts.

These onsite training programs of The CMCT India Practice are offered in one-day seminar and half-day workshop formats.


Working with Americans: MIndset, Behavior and Communication Skills

An in-depth, immersion-style cross-cultural training seminar for employees and managers from other cultures working in U.S. companies or outsourcing vendors providing services to American clients. Includes background and insights on American business culture in comparative perspective and understanding how cultural differences affect mindset, behaviors and communication. Examines American core values, business culture, communication styles, business protocol and workplace etiquette. Participants learn the standards of behavior generally expected by Americans in business interactions, and effective American-style workplace communication and formal presentation skills. Cross-cultural awareness training is combined with applied practice in adapting behavior and communication styles to work more effectively with American team members, team leaders, managers, and professional counterparts. 


American Business and Workplace Culture Webcasts

A virtual and modular instructor-led cross cultural training program using webcast technology. Especially suited for employees and managers working with Americans as members of global virtual teams in the offshore outsourcing environment. Consists of a series of 2-hour customizable modules. Module 1: American mindset and core values. Module 2: American business culture and expected work-related behaviors. Module 3: Communicating effectively with Americans. Module 4: American written business communications and formal presentations. Program includes live multimedia presentations, Q & A, and interactive learning activities that enable participants to discuss and model actual situations.


Living and Working in the U.S.A.: Post-Arrival Orientation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation Skills

A post-arrival training program for business professionals (and their families) coming to the United States on short-term or long-term work assignments. Practical logistics and social dimensions of living in the U.S. Settling in, practical tips for health, safety, recreation, and becoming involved with the local community. Understanding the cross-cultural experience of coming to the U.S. and how to cope with culture shock. Central cultural values and their implications, business customs and protocol. Expected workplace interactions and behaviors, preferred communication styles, understanding the legal and HR environment, how to manage effectively in the U.S. environment, how to handle meetings and negotiations, networking, career development. Major professional and social do's and don'ts for successful integration into U.S. social and professional life.

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