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Seminars and Workshops - Global Cross Cultural Management Skills

Give the members of your global teams the cross-cultural and global management skills they need to work effectively with their multicultural counterparts around the world.

These onsite instructor led training programs of The CMCT India Practice are offered in one-day seminar and half-day workshop formats, and customized to include the major cultures relevant to our individual clients.


Working Successfully in Global Multicultural Teams

Intercultural awareness and teamwork training workshop for professionals working together in teams in global multicultural organizations. Awareness of cultural differences and their impacts on business protocol and work-related standards of behavior. Examination of differences in values, assumptions and expectations. Skills and best practices for interacting and communicating in a global multicultural context. Examples and illustrations are customized from the cultures most relevant to the client organization. Workshop may be combined with customized teambuilding activities.


Building and Leading Effective Global Multicultural Teams

Advanced skills for leaders of global multicultural teams. How to use the increasing diversity of the workplace as a source of strength and build an inclusive team culture. How to tap into differences in backgrounds and perspectives to bring about increased creativity, motivation and productivity. Skills for leading and managing in a global multicultural context, understanding and overcoming cultural differences in values and work styles, developing shared commitments, learning to use the full range of resources available in global multicultural teams, and working towards the ideal of cultural synergy.


Offshore Virtual Team Management 

A workshop for managers and project leaders responsible for day-to-day management of offshore virtual teams. Understanding the logistical project management and process issues of virtual teams as well as the people skills required for successful leadership, management and supervision across cultures. Key virtual project management skills, general and culture-specific people and communication skills for project managers, leading and motivating a virtual team, process implications of an offshore or offshore outsourcing relationship, understanding your offshore team and/or vendor's organizational culture, addressing cross-cultural management issues. Best practices and strategies for integrating your offshore-onsite people and processes.


ABC's of Business Across Cultures

Understanding the do's and don'ts of conducting business in different cultural contexts. Topics include business practices, establishing credibility, approaches to business relations, punctuality and appointments, selling, persuading, negotiation, agreements, protocol and business entertaining. How to adapt one's own style to be more effective in particular cultures.


Leading and Managing Across Cultures

How to be an effective leader and manager of the new multicultural and international workforce, including self-awareness and intercultural awareness. Learn how culture functions, types of social and organizational cultures, how cultural values function, the central elements of business culture, key cross-cultural skills, and effective cross-cultural strategies.


Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

A four-module series of trainings designed to increase the diversity awareness and skills of employees and managers working in multicultural and global cross-cultural workplace environments. Understanding one's own cultural values and assumptions, the nature and impact of prejudice and stereotypes, acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors, and the benefits that come from embracing diversity. Skills for communicating with, working with and providing service to people of different cultural backgrounds. The modules (Working Together, Serving Our Customers, Bridging Cultures, Managing Diversity) can be "mixed and matched" for the client's convenience.


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